I just want to say that these, these concept pieces right here, are the exact reason that I find Ralph to be one of the most relatable characters in the world right now.

Ralph isn’t some young kid, some teenager coming of age, as is the case with a lot of Disney films. He’s an adult. An adult like me. He’s got a job he hates, he feels alone in a crowd, he thinks he can’t quite get anything right, is left out of his own life, and feels stuck and frustrated and unappreciated in everything he does. As a twenty-something post-grad working part-time in retail and slowly losing the will to move forward, I could relate to all these aspects of Ralph’s life. It’s no wonder the effect this film has had on me. It means a lot to me. I have a hard time even describing it. I was taken to the movie by a friend and within the first five minutes, I wanted to hug Ralph, give him a pat on the shoulder, and tell him, “I hear ya, buddy. I hear ya.”

Ralph is a fantastically relatable character for a lot of people who are living the post-grad life of hopeless job hunting, fading friendships, and frustration over a loss of direction in life. Ralph is a character you feel for, because you know how he feels. He’s a character you root for because you want to know that things get better.

I just wanted to say, as much as I love King Candy and Turbo, as much as I love my Turbo Twins, the reason I really love this film is…Ralph. I haven’t related so significantly to a character in years. He means a lot to me. He means there’s hope for my future, even when I can’t see it; He means there’s friendship in unexpected places, even when I don’t look for it; He means there’s strength in who I am, even when I don’t know it. There’s no one I’d rather be than me.

(Images are all from the artbook, these ones I specifically grabbed from here.)

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